I am a software engineer, and have worked at (or interned for) Yelp, FireEye, and OpsRamp. I am also very interested in security as well.

You can reach me at [email protected].


  • True Positive - OSS web application that helps security incident responders manage cases. See website here.

  • Incidents - initial iteration of project above (fewer features and less modern UI)

  • Inbox Scanner - scans your Gmail inbox for public Google Drive and Dropbox URLs, so you can understand what files an attacker will gain access to after compromising your inbox

  • How to Secure Anything - links to different resources on security engineering. Created when I was looking into that topic.

  • Awesome Risk Quantification - same but for cybersecurity risk quantification

  • Knowledge Base - notes on different talks, articles, books related to cybersecurity

  • Cloud attack simulation mockups - Figma mockups and clickable prototype I created for a product that lets you schedule security chaos tests against your cloud environment to test your detection capabilities

  • Secret scanner mockups - same for a product that scans all your SaaS applications for exposed secrets and lets you build automated playbooks to remediate them