Welcome! I live in Sunnyvale, CA and work as a fullstack software engineer at OpsRamp. I graduated from UC Berkeley with a Computer Science degree in December 2018 (in 2.5 years).

Previously I worked as an incident response consultant at Mandiant, and interned on Yelp’s Application Security team.

Reach me at veeralpatel4@gmail.com.


  • Learn Security Engineering (580+ stars) - 20+ pages of my notes on how to build secure systems, along with 25+ papers and 15+ book recommendations. The most starred repository on this topic on GitHub (as of July 2020).

  • Awesome Risk Quantification (350+ stars) - The most popular collection on GitHub of projects, blog posts, books, and talks about cybersecurity risk quantification

  • Orchestrator - an (unsuccessful) security automation startup I founded in college. Interviewed at Y Combinator twice, but never got in.

  • Incidents

  • True Positive

  • LR Tracker - a web app I built at Mandiant to help me track my forensic analyses of different compromised computers

Knowledge Base

I read a lot of books and papers on security (and watch conference talks) and upload my notes to this site.

The site has 40+ articles and 70+ printed pages of content in total.